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  Stainless Steel Systems
We may be new to the exhaust marketplace, but are not new to the aftermarket.  SSS is owned by PT LLC which also owns Wheel Replicas.

  Our Mission
As enthusiast our goal is to build the best product possible as if it were going on our own car.  We  are dedicated to manufacturing a high quality product and maintaining a low price structure.

Instant,un-corked sound at start up.RACE CAR like sound at full throttle.
  Frequently Asked Questions  
The below represent some basic questions that you may have about our exhaust or exhaust in general. Any specific questions should be addressed in an email or phone conversation, or if needed will be added to the FAQs.
  1.Facts on Stainless Steel  
   Why use Stainless Steel versus Mild or aluminized steel?  
A: Today’s automotive environment is hard on components. Stainless Steel offers superior durability, strength, and corrosion resistance over the lesser grades of steel. 304 Stainless is accepted as the most corrosion resistant of all steel used in automotive exhaust components, as it will not rust and it will not discolor the way 409 stainless or mild steel will.
  2. Facts about fit  
We asked ourselves one question. How many times have we attempted to install an aftermarket component on our own cars with less than satisfactory results?

We utilize vehicles owned by our staff members to prototype and develop all our components. All of our cars are equipped with our components. Nothing goes on a vehicle unless it fits properly.
  3. Facts on mandrel bend  
Factory exhaust systems are notorious for the lack of smooth bends and transitions. Our goal was to bring mandrel bend tubing to our customers. Not only does it free up extra power by reducing restrictions inherent in the stock components, but it also looks better.
  4. Sound  
All our mufflers have been designed to provide a deep muscle car sound. If you are looking for that high pitched or raspy sounding muffler then we don’t have the product you are looking for.
  5. Horsepower  
Our converter back system for the 99-04 vehicles saw an average increase of 5 horsepower and 4lb lb/ft of torque at the wheels between 3000 and 6800 rpm with peak power increases of 12.5 hp and 9.5 lb/ft torque at 4000 rpm. This was compared to an otherwise stock system with a popular aftermarket chambered muffler. Between 3000 and 5000 rpm the average increase in Horsepower was 8.3bhp and the average increase in Torque was 6.4 lb foot.
  6. Why buy from Stainless Steel Systems?  
We know at Stainless Steel Systems you have many choices in the aftermarket exhaust field. At Stainless Steel Systems we are not out to sell you any system, we are here to sell you the system that you want. We feel our systems provide the best value on the marketplace today.
  7. Installation  
Stainless Steel Systems recommends that an exhaust shop or professional installer with the correct equipment install all automobile exhaust equipment.
  Included with every kit is a detailed, easy to follow, instruction manual that will make it simple for your shop to install your new system quickly and efficiently.  
Phone : 832-640-4562
Email : contact@ sss-exhaust.com